Schools ‘appealing’ for Dual Language Programme, says deputy minister


PETALING JAYA: The Dual Language Programme (DLP) is expected to be implemented in 841 schools nationwide, next year.

The Star quoted Deputy Education Minister Chong Sin Woon as saying more schools were appealing to be part of the programme.

Under the programme, participating schools will be given the option to teach Science, Mathematics, Information Technology and Communication, and Design and Technology in English or Bahasa Malaysia (BM).

Chong was speaking to reporters after receiving a memorandum protesting the DLP from the United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong), at his office in Putrajaya Wednesday.

Chong stressed that there was no element of coercion in the implementation of the DLP as schools that did not wish to have it would not be forced to do so.

It was previously reported that the DLP would only be offered to national schools that met three criteria: they must have proper resources; their teachers must be able to teach in English and BM; and the parents must be supportive of the programme.

Meanwhile, Dong Zong Chairman Vincent Lau told reporters that the DLP would affect students’ mother tongue education.

“We feel that students should communicate in their mother tongue in order to be receptive towards their lessons,” he said, adding that they had so far garnered signatures from 1,004 Chinese schools on the matter.

“We have asked the schools’ boards of management and parent-teacher associations to pledge that the DLP will not be carried out in their schools.”