What’s happening across the country.

Penang forest reserves intact, says Forestry Dept

Penang Government says news report on encroachment was erroneous as whatever development taking place was outside two forest reserves.

Man caught uploading child porn

Local police were alerted by their Taiwanese counterparts to the man's activities.

Christian missionaries behind blockades? Propaganda, says Husam

Kelantan Amanah adviser says it is against the teachings of Islam to ignore plight of Orang Asli.

Chegubard freed of illegal assembly charge

Judge Mohamad Kamil Nizam ruled that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against him.

Govt to blacklist problematic contractors

Contractors with a good track record in completing projects will be given priority for future government tenders.

Azman Yahya replaces Mokhzani as Sepang Circuit chairman

Azman was earlier a director of SIC and is chairman of the Motorsports Commission of Malaysia.

Salleh: No agenda to erase Dr Mahathir’s legacy

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak says the Government is focused on ensuring that all Malaysians benefit from development, not just a few cronies as in the era of Mahathir.

Govt’s duty to protect Orang Asli land rights, says Bar

It urges the dismantling of any blockade leading to Orang Asli settlements and asks Kelantan to halt all logging activities in Orang Asli areas.

King tide to bring giant waves to Penang coastline

Penang prepares relief centres to brace for high tide and heavy rain expected to cause havoc for a week.

Immigration denies ‘bounty hunter’ scheme to nab illegals

Immigration Director-General Mustafar Ali says such a suggestion will lead to people breaking the law.

Freedom of Information: Gerakan flays Penang Govt over need for SDs

Gerakan acting youth chief complains that Penang Government is not practising what it preaches.

PTA council head defends ritual slaughter at primary school

However, PAGE says it is better done in a nearby mosque with only the theory being taught in school.

Study: Foreign labour affecting M’sians at the bottom

Penang Institute says there is significant inequitable job distribution across sectors and states, and that many youths with pre-tertiary qualifications are applying for low-level jobs.

Kit Siang tells PAS’ Hashim: Stop telling tall tales

DAP veteran advises new PAS Mursyidul Am Hashim Jasin against allowing others to ‘put words in his mouth’ and to find out the truth about why Pakatan Rakyat broke up.

Survey: 216,000 blind due to cataracts

Diabetic eye disease is the second commonest cause of blindness in Malaysia, says Selayang Hospital ophthalmologist Dr Mohamad Aziz Salowi.

Let us adjust our fee structure, public varsities plead

Hit hard by the cut in their operational budgets, public universities are praying the Government will not cut further its allocations to them under Budget 2017.

UiTM changed Malay, Bumiputera economic landscape

UiTM has contributed to education aspect by successfully producing 661,456 graduates.

Unicef: 5 in 6 kids under 2 not getting enough nutrition

Poor nutrition at a young age causes irreversible mental and physical damage.

Speed up rules for ride share operators, SPAD urged

4PAM also wants a Public Transport Tribunal to ensure there’s transparency and that public transport user’s rights are protected.

Woman sees red after men splash house with paint

Believed to be loan sharks, the four were caught on CCTV slashing the rope at the entry boom gate and threatening other motorists as they fled the scene.

Kelantan’s Sultan Muhammad V to be next Agong

Sultan of Kelantan succeeds Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah of Kedah, who completes his reign in December, with Sultan of Perak named deputy.

Bersih chairman wants court to stop EC redelineation

Maria Chin Abdullah files judicial review, wants court to declare the Election Commission's redelineation exercise null and void.

Ipoh Timur MP charged again with organising illegal rally

Thomas Su Keong Siong claims trial to the charge under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

Anwar’s constitutional challenge to NSC Act dismissed

Judge agrees with government lawyer that the High Court lacks jurisdiction to hear the matter and it should be referred to the Federal Court.