Travel ban on Tony Pua lifted after a year


PETALING JAYA: Tony Pua is free again to travel overseas, more than a year after the Immigration Department imposed a ban on him leaving the country.

Pua announced today that his lawyer, Gobind Singh Deo, had been informed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers that the ban had been lifted.

He said he had confirmed his status on the Immigration website was shown as “tiada halangan” (no restriction).

On July 22 last year, Immigration officers stopped Pua when he was about to leave for Indonesia.

Pua, who is MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, was told that the director-general of Immigration had issued the travel ban after being informed by the police that Pua was under investigation under Section 124B of the Penal Code for involvement in activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

Pua challenged the order in the High Court. However, the court ruled in July this year that the director-general of immigration was empowered to prevent someone from leaving the country.

Judge Hanipah Farikullah also held that Pua had no constitutional right to travel overseas and that the constitutional section on personal liberty “did not include the right to travel or right to a passport”, and that the clause on the fundamental right of movement was silent on the right to travel overseas.