PBDS demands UMP don apologise for insult

Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS)KUCHING: Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS) is disappointed that an academician from Malaya, who got her facts wrong and insulted the people in Kuching during a seminar, has yet to apologise for it.

“No one expects such an insult from a highly-educated lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Perlis,” said PBDS President Cobbold John in a statement carried by Sarawak Times, a WhatsApp group.

“It clearly shows this lecturer does not know the history of the formation of Malaysia.”

The chief minister is fighting for Sarawak’s autonomy based on history, he added.

Professor Dr Ramlah Adam must apologise, Cobbold said.

“PBDS supports Chief Minister Adenan Satem’s fight for the return of our autonomy as enshrined in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63),” he said.

Cobbold argued that MA63 was beyond politics.

“It’s about asserting our rights from 1963 as per MA63,” he said. “There has been so much erosion of our rights and power.

“We deserve to get back what was rightfully ours in the first place.”

The PBDS chief reminded Ramlah that MA63 was a sensitive matter in Sabah and Sarawak. He was delving into the background of the lecturer’s insult, i.e. those who are not happy with Malaysia should leave the country.

“Sabah and Sarawak are equal partners of Malaya in the federation,” stressed Cobbold. “MA63 cannot be changed even though Article 1 in the Federal Constitution was amended in 1976 by the Malaysian Parliament.”

The Malaysian Parliament, he said, had no right to violate an international agreement and treaty (MA63), lodged with the United Nations Secretary-General.

“The ignorance on MA63 is the root cause of misinterpretation on the formation of Malaysia,” said Cobbold.

Ramlah was addressing a seminar entitled “A Journey to Merdeka: Sarawak in Malaysia”.

Among others, Ramlah lamented that Malays in Malaya lost their dignity when they changed the name of their country from Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to Malaysia.

Her comments also drew the ire of Sarawak 4 Sarawakians (S4S) Chief Peter John Jaban who demanded that she apologise for demanding Sarawakians leave the federation if they were not happy with it.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Ramlan told FMT that she had been misunderstood and that S4S had taken her statement out of context.

“I have been misinterpreted and my speech taken out of context,” she said in an email.