Pupil in snake pit incident reveals more horror stories


PETALING JAYA: More horror stories have been revealed by the pupils who were recently recorded being traumatised by snakes thrown in a muddy pit during an outbound motivational course in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

A 12-year-old participant told Astro Awani she and the others were roused from their sleep by a Perak Civil Defence Force (APM) trainer and ordered to march to a Christian cemetery at 2am.

“He said we will be taken to a cemetery. If it were a Christian burial ground, we would have to sit beside the deceased’s photograph, and if it’s a Muslim one, we have to hold the tombstone.

“We were then taken to a Christian cemetery. I ended up crying and the experience haunted me long after the course was over,” said the pupil of SK Beluru who did not want to be identified.

She has vowed not to attend any courses organised by APM in future.

The father of the girl also expressed his disappointment in the way the children were treated.

He said his daughter was so traumatised that he had to take her to seek traditional treatment at their “kampung”.

A video showing young girls screaming and crying after they were asked to step into a muddy pit with pythons in it went viral earlier this week.

The incident took place at APM’s headquarters in Kuala Kangsar last weekend, during a three-day motivational camp for primary pupils of SK Beluru, aged between 10 and 12.

The APM has since distanced itself from the incident, saying the use of animals was not in its module. It has also suspended 10 of its staff – four coaches and six assistants – who were involved in the course.

APM’s deputy commissioner, Roslan Wahab apologised to the pupils and their parents, saying the incident “should not have happened”.