‘Don’t let GLCs dominate training for fresh grads’

charlesPETALING JAYA: Do a thorough evaluation of the 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M), Charles Santiago has cautioned.

This follows the announcement by Prime Minister Najib Razak during Budget 2017 today that RM50 million had been allocated to increase the number of people trained from 15,000 in 2016 to 20,000 next year.

The training for fresh graduates is carried out by government-linked companies (GLC).

“Most of the time, there is a mismatch between what is required and the training offered to these people,” Santiago told FMT.

“Most times, the training is confined to administrative work.

“There is a need to evaluate the impact of the programme.

“Are they training people with the necessary skill-sets required by the industries or corporations?

“We need to get trainees exposed to strategic thinking and in areas that involve technological transfer. So it should be learning by doing.”

Santiago suggested that the programme be extended to involve multinational corporations, especially in the areas of strategic planning and development of new products and processes.

His sentiments were echoed by Malaysian Employers Federation Executive Director Shamsuddin Bardan, who said the training should be done by private employers as well.

“It should not be restricted to GLCs as their capacity to train 20,000 graduates a year may be challenged.”