Kula demands IGP apologise for assault on doctor

KUALA LUMPUR: The Inspector-General of Police’s refusal to issue an apology after his men attacked a doctor in a case of mistaken identity has not gone down well with an opposition lawmaker.

Ipoh Barat MP M. Kula Segaran questioned why was it so difficult for police to apologise, even if they had complied with standard operating procedures (SOP) and had mistook the doctor for a robbery suspect after he attempted to flee the raiding party.

“Mr IGP, discard your arrogance and adopt tolerance and magnanimity on behalf of the police force,” said Kula. “Is this too much to ask?”

The MP was commenting on IGP Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement that police will not apologise for assaulting Dr. Thanendran Renganathan whom they mistook for a robbery suspect.

There were reports that the doctor had tried to flee as the police officers had no identifying markings or police insignia. The incident took place at a food stall inside the grounds of Hospital Serdang.

Dr. Thanendran said in a police report, that the pleas of a senior doctor, had also fallen on deaf ears.

“I regret what happened, but we will not apologise. We were just carrying out our duty,” Khalid had said.

He had said the public needed to cooperate in such situations and the doctor in question should have stayed put when warned.