PPR residents plead for Selangor MB’s help


SHAH ALAM: The Residents Association (RA) of Kota Damansara People’s Housing Programme (PPR) today submitted a memorandum to Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali seeking his intervention over the worsening conditions there.

Fong Keng Lim, a representative from the RA, said one of the issues the residents of Kota Damansara PPR was facing was the increase in rental imposed in 2010, which residents are now struggling to settle.

“Another thing is the water bill. The residents are paying RM0.80 per metre/cube, which is very high. Even double story houses (residents) are not paying that rate.

“He needs to look into this. Selangor used to be a state with free water. You can’t be paying so much,” Fong told reporters in Shah Alam after submitting the memorandum.

He added that the tenancy agreement was “lopsided”, where the residents are treated unfairly.

Although they are just renting a unit – as opposed to owning it – residents should not be evicted without notice, he said.

“They are only tenants, but they have basic human rights. You cannot use the rental agreement as a threat whereby the authorities can go into the premise anytime and evict you.”

This is not the first time issues surrounding Kota Damansara PPR have caught the eye of the public.

In September, residents of the PPR had blamed their fellow occupants for the seemingly “pathetic” state of the public housing flat, especially when it came to cleanliness and maintenance.

Past RA members have claimed that occupants disregarded the hygiene of the neighbourhood by haphazardly discarding their rubbish, while refusing to pay the RM250 rental per month, a rate which they said was justified.

Fong, however, said today that the RM250 was too high as compared to the previous rate of RM124.