Tailgating car crashes into ambulance

Road Transport DepartmentPETALING JAYA: A vehicle crashed into an ambulance after tailgating it at high speed, according to the Road Transport Department.

A video clip of the accident was posted on the JPJ Facebook page yesterday, showing a Toyota Vellfire cutting through traffic while tailgating the ambulance, before it rammed into the rear end of the ambulance.

Four paramedics in the ambulance had to be sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital after the crash, causing a delay in the original mission to respond to an emergency in Jalan Kuching.

A civil defence official later confirmed the incident with Harian Metro.

“Due to the tailgater being too close, the driver could not engage the brakes in time and rammed into the rear of the civil defence ambulance. The impact caused the crew inside to be thrown abruptly back, causing bodily injuries,” the civil defence official said.

The source of the video clip was not known. However, the JPJ announced last month that members of the public could submit photographs or footage of motorists breaking traffic laws to [email protected] with the date, details of the location, and their names.