Exercise caution when purchasing cosmetic products


GEORGE TOWN: The Health Ministry has urged cosmetics users to be more diligent when purchasing items, especially online.

Its deputy minister, Dr Hilmi Yahaya said every item with the ministry’s approval bore a hologram on the packaging that could be detected by a scanner.

“Every shop has the scanner and buyers can scan the product. If the hologram does not appear, it means that the item does not have the ministry’s approval. I urge everyone to be careful as the sale of fake cosmetics via the Internet is on the rise,” he told a press conference, here, today.

Recently, a picture of a woman’s face that was left burnt after using a cosmetic product purchased online went viral on social media, sparking concerns over the safety of cosmetic products purchased online.

Following the incident, the ministry banned 10 products, namely Melan: Off Intensive Mask; Melan: Off Cream, Afrina Night Cream, Afrina Daily Cream, Krim Herba Kemboja, Day Pinky Cream, Night Glow Cream, Debella Nadien Glow Night Cream, Mekar Semilu Scrub Muka Mutiara Beauty Collection and Mekar Semilu Cream Mekarsutra.

All the banned cosmetics were issued a notice of recall from the market within 72 hours and for it to be investigated under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984.

“Be careful, make sure the product has been guaranteed to be safe by the Health Ministry before purchasing it,” Dr Hilmi said.

Meanwhile, he advised people not to panic over claims spread in social media that hospitals were running out of reagents due to budgetary cuts as the information was false.

“It is not true. The ministry has enough money and if hospitals require more reagents, their superiors can write to us. We will approve it. This worry should not arise,” he said.

As for the spread of the Zika virus, Dr Hilmi said the country was still on high alert but so far, no new cases have been recorded.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation and regular checks are still being conducted at all entry points,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Hilmi presented RM20,000 and aid to the Balik Pulau MIC division to be distributed among 19 families for the upcoming Deepavali celebrations.