Longer queue at Nasi Vanggey after second mention by Najib


PETALING JAYA: It was “nasi beratur” at Ipoh’s Nasi Vanggey nasi kandar stall on Saturday, after the business received its second mention in a national speech by the prime minister, Najib Razak.

“We are overwhelmed with his continued support,” one of the restaurant’s owners, Mohamed Nihmathullah Syed Mustafa, 53, told the Malay Mail newspaper on Saturday. “We usually have lots of customers queuing up, but the line is even longer today.”

Najib had mentioned Nasi Vanggey in the Budget speech on Friday, the second time that the prime minister had drawn attention to the restaurant.

“He spoke about our restaurant in his Merdeka message. We were invited for the function. We met and chatted with him,” he said.

Mohamed viewed the mention by the prime minister was a promotion for the stall. He said the price of a serving of rice, chicken and vegetable would be maintained at RM4.80 a plate. “Even though our food is cheap, it does not affect our business as we have lots of customers. We can make a profit by selling many plates at the same price. It’s simple logic,” he said.