Husni: I am concerned about my country


KUALA LUMPUR: Former Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has raised concerns about the future of the country as more people are jobless and the income gap between the rich and middle class is widening.

“Our economy is stagnating. I want to ask how many workers are retrenched.

“For an interview of 200 vacancies, more than 10,000 people apply,” he said during the Supply Bill debate today.

He said he had the right to know which way the country was heading.

“I was in the government before. I am no longer working for the government. I am concerned about the future of our country.”

Husni said he resigned voluntarily from his post in June 2016.

Husni added the country’s corruption index has worsened since 2000 when the country was at number 36. In 2015, the country was ranked 54.

He added Saudi Arabia was at one time worse than Malaysia in the corruption index but now it is rated better.

He cited the development of South Korea against Malaysia.

He said their gross domestic product per capita was USD1,711 in 1980 while Malaysia’s was USD1,770.

“We were higher.”

In 1990, he said South Korea’s GDP per capita was USD6,642 and ours was USD2,549.

He said now South Korea’s GDP per capita has gone up to USD27,000.

He said it was crucial to lead the country with dignity, integrity and good governance.

“We need to stop patronage politics. Every sen we earn, we must return it to the people.”

He also advised those who are accused of wrongdoings to improve themselves.

“I resigned voluntarily. I was holding a ministrial post for 12 years. My KPI (key performance indicators) was always above 100 per cent.”

He said two days after he resigned, social media attacked his image.

Husni suggested that all ministries look at their strengths and weaknesses.

“Don’t live with a tunnel vision. Do research on where you want the country to head to.

“South Korea did it and they knew where they were heading.

“I am concerned.”

He said during his visit to New York City, he saw that South Korean products were being sold in the city.

“Not only Samsung phones, but also Samsung TV and South Korean cars. How did they achieve that?

“Their education is the world’s best. Because they have done research and know where they are heading.”

He said the country’s future depends on a good government that has dignity and integrity.