No kid-glove treatment for pro-Umno groups, assures Nur Jazlan

Gerakan-MerahKUALA LUMPUR: Putrajaya today insisted that pro-Umno groups – Gerakan Merah and the Red Shirts movement – will not be treated with kid gloves if police find there are cases against them.

Stressing that there is no favouritism involved, Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said the home ministry and the police take seriously any criminal acts by any quarters which threaten public peace and harmony.

“Investigations would be carried out transparently and fairly, regardless of the suspect’s position or status.

“Claims that police have not acted on certain issues are baseless, and were purposely sensationalised by certain quarters for their personal gain,” Nur Jazlan said in parliament, in response to a question by Ng Wei Aik (DAP-Tanjong) about the government’s “lack of action” against the two pro-Umno groups.

Nur Jazlan said police handed the investigation papers on Ali Tinju, the leader of Gerakan Merah, to the deputy public prosecutor, but the papers were sent back for “further investigations”.

Ali, whose real name is Mohd Ali Baharom, had warned Bersih 2.0 chair Maria Chin Abdullah to “watch her back” or she may no longer “walk on this earth” after she had announced that the Bersih 5 rally will be held on Nov 19.

Nur Jazlan explained the speed of a probe depended on a case’s complexity, and time is needed to prove that a suspect is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

He cited the recent arrest of Sungai Besar Umno leader Jamal Yunos, who heads the Red Shirts movement, as proof of prompt action by the police.

“We also detained Azli Jaafar, who handles Jamal’s Facebook account. Both were arrested at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week,” he said.

Jamal was remanded for two days and released, over a Facebook post in an account carrying his name, that threatened a repeat of the May 13, 1969 racial riots, should the Bersih 5 rally proceed. Jamal has since denied putting up the post.

Nur Jazlan said since September, a total of 175 police reports have been lodged against the Bersih 5 rally and the Red Shirts movement.