Nur Jazlan: If Bersih stops, Red Shirts will stop, too


KUALA LUMPUR: The confrontation between Bersih and the Red Shirts can easily be resolved if the former stops organising street demonstrations, said Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

This may also be the best move as Bersih seems to have lost its ability to draw a crowd, he added.

“Bersih is clutching at straws, their rallies are not as well attended as before. I think people are losing interest.

“If Bersih is not getting any traction among the people, they should stop.

“If they stop, the Red Shirts will stop. The Red Shirts stop, no problem,” Jazlan told reporters at the Parliament complex here today.

He was responding to questions regarding the ongoing clash between the “yellows” and the “reds”, which got out of hand when several journalists and a Bersih supporter were physically assaulted by the Red Shirts.

The violent encounters occurred at a couple of Bersih’s nationwide pit stops as the electoral watchdog made its way to rural and semi-urban areas to promote its Nov 19 rally.

Umno President Najib Razak received flak recently for keeping mum on the pro-Umno Red Shirts, which some said was an indication of support.

“What they (Bersih) are doing is wrong; what Jamal is doing is also wrong.

“If you want police to take tougher action against them, we can,” said Nur Jazlan in response to this.

“But we want to settle it amicably. Police are just tolerating what’s going on now because it’s a political action.

“You break the law, you go to jail but in politics, if you make a mistake, what action can be taken against you?”