Noh: Typical of opposition to blame others over water contamination row


KUALA LUMPUR: Noh Omar today laughed off Azmin Ali’s allegation that Barisan Nasional and Umno were behind the recent water contamination at Sungai Semenyih, and challenged the Selangor menteri besar to lodge a police report.

“The Selangor government reminds me of that song, ‘Bangau Oh Bangau’,” the urban wellbeing, housing and local government minister said at the Parliament lobby, alluding to a Malay folk song about the culture of blaming others.

Noh, however, said the ruling coalition would not take legal action against Azmin, as Umno was not childish. He also said that blaming others was part of the opposition’s culture.

The Selangor Umno liaison chief said Azmin’s accusation was a tactic to win votes in the next general election, adding that Azmin should lodge a police report if he was to stick to his allegation.

Yesterday, Azmin blamed the ruling coalition for the contamination, claiming it was done to undermine the state government’s capability in handling the issue

Azmin, who is PKR deputy president, also alleged that the state government had “strong evidence” to back the claim. He, however, refused to elaborate.

“He is running out of excuses,” Noh shot back.

Meanwhile, in response to Noh’s challenge, Azmin said state-owned Selangor Water Management Board (Luas) had yesterday, lodged a police report over the matter.

“All these incidences (pollution) happened outside of Selangor. Yesterday, it was in Nilai (Negri Sembilan), before that it was in Sungai Semantan in Pahang.

“So, Luas has taken the initiative by making a police report. We will let the police investigate and we want those responsible for the pollution to be taken to justice.”