Bakery apologises for rat on tray at mall outlet


PETALING JAYA: Komugi Bakery Malaysia today apologised for the presence of a rat on one of its trays containing freshly baked bread, at its store at a popular mall in the capital over the weekend.

Calling it an “unfortunate incident”, the bakery franchise offered an explanation, acknowledging that the rat problem was a “known issue” in that particular mall, The Star Online reported.

“We have been trying to resolve (the issue) for some time,” Komugi Malaysia said in a statement when asked to comment by the news portal on a Facebook post of the incident which was shared widely on social media last week.

While the Facebook user, identified as Melon Roux, did not name the bakery chain, The Star Online reported that Komugi’s signature yellow twirls were seen in the picture posted online.

The bakery said it has also reported the matter to the mall management.

Meanwhile, a quick check revealed that there are Komugi outlets located at two popular malls in Kuala Lumpur.

This is the second incident involving rodents spotted among food in a matter of days. Five days ago, rats were spotted in piles of dried chilli sold at a supermarket in Kuala Terengganu.

After pictures of the rat in the dried chilli went viral on social media, the supermarket was forced to get rid of 63.8kg of the product.