Immigration to name, shame employers over illegal workers

mustafar ali

PETALING JAYA: After announcing measures to seize assets of employers who hire illegal workers, the Immigration Department says it will also name and shame such errant business owners.

This was the message from Immigration Director-General Mustafar Ali during a dialogue session with service industry personnel and employers yesterday, TheSun reported.

In taking the hardline stance, Mustafar said it covers any employer who not only hires, but also harbours illegal migrant workers.

“Action will be taken in stages against these offenders,” he was quoted as saying by the daily.

Mustafar added that the list of companies which have broken Immigration laws will be made public at the end of each month.

On Oct 1, the new enforcement action allowing for the seizure of assets and freezing of bank accounts of employers who hire or harbour illegal foreign workers, came into effect.

Aside from the above, errant employers are also liable to be charged under Section 55B of the Immigration Act 1959/63, where anyone found guilty of employing one or more illegal immigrants is liable to a fine of up to RM50,000 or jailed up to a year, or both, for each illegal employee.

Meanwhile, Mustafar was coy on the list of employers already on the list based on enforcement action taken so far this month.

“I cannot reveal such information at the moment as the matter is still being discussed with the Attorney-General’s Chambers,” TheSun quoted him as saying.