Ninja Joe’s quest, a pork burger by any other name


PETALING JAYA: Taking the cue from the backlash it has been receiving on social media with regards to its P Ramly pork burger, Ninja Joe started a poll on its Facebook page today in search of a new name.

Sharing a post by Facebook user Poknik, who suggested the fast food outlet “stick to names that won’t stir religious tensions”, Ninja Joe wrote, “I’ll say… I like how this person thinks. So let’s take a poll, shall we?”

The P Ramly burger, was said to have been part of Ninja Joe’s Merdeka promotion.

Poknik, in his post, came up with a few suggestions that Ninja Joe could use for their burger promotion next year; among them Bac-On Harmony and Liberty Porker.

In a report in Berita Harian today, the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) called for action against Ninja Joe for naming the pork burger P Ramly.

The Malay daily reported PPIM chief activist Nadzim Johan as saying that the restaurant’s move (in naming the burger as such), confuses consumers and goes against the Consumers Protection Act 1999.

Some were also irked at the name as it was seen as an insult to legendary local movie star, the late P. Ramlee.

Berita Harian quoted a shopper Nur Alia Abdullah Tahir who said, “Eventhough the spelling is different, but the pronunciation is almost the same. P Ramlee is a big name in this country.”

Meanwhile, Ninja Joe owner Kelvin Tan said the name was actually paying homage to the Ramly burger.

“The Ramly Burger has been in Malaysia for a very long time, it’s iconic,” he was quoted as saying by Malay Mail Online, adding that it was how they came up with P Ramly, with the P being the initial for “pork”.

Tan also clarified it had nothing to do with the late entertainer.

Described on the poster as a juicy pork patty wrapped in an omelette, fresh lettuce and several other ingredients, the P Ramly burger posters will now be taken down, according to Tan.