Annuar Musa: Muhyiddin insincere in championing 1MDB

annuarKUALA LUMPUR: Annuar Musa today questioned Muhyiddin Yassin’s sincerity in championing 1MDB-related issues, claiming the latter never did so while in Cabinet and preferred to remain silent instead.

The Umno information chief said the former deputy prime minister was only using the 1MDB issue in a bid to weaken Najib Razak’s position as the nation’s number one.

“He is taking advantage of the situation as he thinks the PM is facing problems and feels he can garner support from other Umno members. But it is not the case,” he told reporters at the lobby of the Dewan Rakyat.

Annuar went on to claim that the Pagoh lawmaker was not insistent on matters related to the state investment arm while he was in the Cabinet.

“I had challenged him once to explain why he didn’t bring this matter up when he was the deputy prime minister. Why keep quiet and then voice it out at a Cheras Umno divisional meeting?”

Muhyiddin was dropped as the DPM last year after he had openly voiced his concerns surrounding 1MDB, claiming it would cause the Barisan Nasional to lose the 14th General Election.

The former Umno deputy president had also alleged that Najib had ignored his advice to quit as the 1MDB chairman.

On a separate matter, Annuar accused Muhyiddin of ungentlemanly conduct after the latter prevented him from seeking any clarification when Muhyiddin was debating the 2017 Budget.

The Ketereh MP said while he respected Muhyiddin’s right to question certain things, he was surprised that the latter was afraid of rebuttals.

“As an experienced parliamentarian he should allow me to explain matters, instead he went on a monologue.”