Another Malaysian terror suspect arrested in Philippines

PETALING JAYA: A Malaysian was recently arrested in Basilan, in the Philippines, for suspected involvement in terror activities.

According to a report in the Philippine Star, the man was arrested at the port town of Maluso earlier this month, as he was trying to leave for Malaysia. He is currently being held by the military.

Colonel Cirilo Donato, the commander of the 104th Army Brigade, said the suspect was also found in possession of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The military is checking whether the suspect, who has previously been seen in Abu Sayyaf camps and during the militant group’s skirmishes with the armed forces, has trained Abu Sayyaf militants to make bombs.

Earlier this month, Philippine authorities arrested another Malaysian terrorist, identified as Mohamas Amin, in Quezon City.

Amin, a bomb expert, had a 600,000 peso (RM51,000) bounty on his head, and was planning bomb attacks in the heart of Manila.

Police also seized a fragmentation grenade, several rounds of ammunition, various identification cards, as well as a blueprint of a condo mall, where he was believed to have been planning an attack. Two other suspects were arrested along with Amin in that operation.

All three men are believed to have links to the Abu Sayyaf, which is known for kidnappings and extortion.