Pandikar: I didn’t come from the village and appoint myself


KUALA LUMPUR: Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia today hit back at DAP’s Lim Lip Eng for claiming that unlike the MPs, he was appointed by Malaysian Official One (MO1).

Speaking in the Dewan, Pandikar calmly schooled MPs on the way an individual is elected to the speaker’s post, saying the final process saw the MPs themselves voting between him and another candidate.

“An MP must understand the Federal Constitution. The ones who voted for me are the MPs who represent the rakyat.

“I didn’t come here from the village and appoint myself.”

The Dewan was unusually quiet throughout with no interjection by any of the Opposition lawmakers.

Pandikar then continued, questioning Lim for calling him a disgrace to the august house merely for exercising his powers to hold an MP accountable for disrespecting the Speaker’s seat.

“If someone hates Pandikar, don’t hate the seat as that is the head of the Dewan. And if anyone disagrees with my decision, don’t insult the seat and don’t insult me.

“Am I really a disgrace? You people tell me.

“If I’m really a disgrace, then I have to back out because I’m a disgrace.

“But if I am to do that, then all of us have to resign because all of us are a disgrace.”

Pandikar’s statement came following a heated exchange between him and Lim yesterday, which resulted in the latter being booted out of Parliament’s Special Chamber.

According to Lim, the war of words began when Pandikar, without any warning, started lecturing him for criticising the Speaker’s ruling that any question related to the United States’ Department of Justice’s 1MDB-linked civil forfeiture suit, is sub judice.

Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee had earlier informed the Dewan that Lim had been suspended for two days.