Ramasamy refutes claim Indians ‘second class’ in Penang


PETALING JAYA: Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy today refuted an allegation that the State Government was treating Indians as ‘second class’ citizens and ‘sabotaging’ them.

Responding to the accusation by J Dhinakaran of the MIC that the State Government did not care for Indians as it had not lighted up Little India for Deepavali, Ramasamy said:

“He conveniently ignores the fact that the city council has already lighted up particular areas.

“However, the Penang Indian Chambers of Commerce, whose members are mostly from the MIC or BN component parties, has failed to discharge its responsibilities. They failed to contribute their share in lighting up the streets.”

The DAP assemblyman dismissed Dhinakaran’s accusation that the Penang Government was treating Indians as “second class” citizens.

“Indians have so much going for them under the Penang State Government, and not the way they were treated by Umno and BN for nearly 60 years. He is hardly in a position to talk about Indians as the MIC has failed the community miserably and tragically over the years.

“We are not ‘sabotaging’ Indians, but trying to free them from Umno-BN enslavement since independence.”

Ramasamy also shot down Dhinakaran’s criticism of the State Government for allegedly allowing the Penang Run to be held a day after Deepavali.

He said the MIC man was “barking up the wrong tree”.

“Dhinakaran fails to understand the Penang Run is not organised by the state, but a private body. So why bark up the wrong tree?” Ramasamy asked.