Johor firemen return RM2,760 salvaged from ICU


PETALING JAYA: A further act of integrity by firemen from the Johor fire department has brought even more praise after their heroics in fighting the fire at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru on Tuesday.

The firemen found a stack of cash in a white plastic bag that was left in the drawer of a metal table in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital after putting out the fires, TheSun Daily online reported.

They later returned the money, all RM2,760 of it, to its rightful owner, Dr Tan Cheng Cheng who is based in the ICU.

“It looked like the money had just been withdrawn from the bank. Upon checking we found that it belonged to Dr Tan Cheng Cheng of the ICU unit,” Johor Baru fire station chief Ibrahim Omar told the portal today.

He added that the money was returned at 5.45pm the same day.

The quick response by Johor fire fighters in putting out the flames at the ICU, and helping in the evacuation of patients and medical staff alike has been praised by all quarters.

This is the second case of Johor Baru firemen returning cash to its rightful owners after putting out a blaze in a matter of four months.

In July, a fireman who was fighting a blaze with his colleagues at a two-storey shop selling prayer items in Taman Penggawa Barat, found about RM30,000 in the premises and returned the money to the shop owner.

Hairul Mat Nin, based at the JB Fire and Rescue Department, was trying to salvage items in the shop when he stumbled upon the bundles of cash in one of the rooms upstairs.

“The cash, in ringgit and foreign currencies, was returned to the 42-year-old owner Teo Kian Yong,” Hairul’s operations commander Khairul Azhar Abdul Aziz said in commending his man.