Masing: I will decide when to quit as PRS president


KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) President Dr James Masing says he will decide when to quit as president of the party.

“In fact my time (as president) is not quite that long, I will think for myself when to quit,” the Borneo Post Online quoted him as saying.

“I tell you one thing for sure is that I will not let voters kick me out, and I don’t want to become president (of PRS) on a wheelchair,” Masing told reporters at the party’s headquarters at Jalan Pending here Wednesday.

Before that happened, he said, he had to make sure that the party had ‘the correct group’ to continue the spirit and interest of the party.

“One thing we must understand is that PRS survives not because of money as we are not a rich party, but we survive because we (members) are determined in our spirit and we have a common interest, and that is very important,” the deputy chief minister was quoted as saying.

He said it would be a suicidal move for PRS to use money politics to gain support, adding: “As long as I’m the president I am very serious in discouraging money politics in the party.”

He said the demise of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) was due to money politics.

Asked whether there was money politics during the party’s recent triennial delegates conference, Masing replied that he was unaware of it.

He said the party would be strengthened by the election of several young professionals to top posts during the recent delegates conference.

Masing witnessed the signing of appointment letters of the principal office-bearers.

They are Batang Ai Assemblyman Malcolm Mussen Lamoh (treasurer-general), Wilfred Nissom (information chief), Janang Bungsu (deputy secretary-general), Edwin Banta (deputy treasurer-general) and Tamin Assemblyman Christopher Gira (deputy information chief).

Julau MP Joseph Salang Gandum, who was appointed secretary-general, was not present as he was attending the parliamentary sitting, said the Borneo Post report.