Parenting courses may be compulsory to curb child abuse

Rohani Abdul KarimKUALA LUMPUR: Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Rohani Abdul Karim said parenting courses may be made compulsory to curb child abuse in the country.

“Presently, parenting courses are not made compulsory as it gives the impression that parents do not know their responsibilities but we are re-considering that decision,” she told reporters at parliament lobby, here today.

These comments were made in the wake of an image that went viral on social media recently, of a schoolgirl chained by her mother to a pillar in Lagoon Perdana, Bandar Sunway, after the eight-year-old allegedly refused to attend school.

Rohani said however that she did not want to draw any conclusions about the case just yet as it was still under police investigation.

The girl was taken to hospital for a medical examination and will be given counselling.

Rohani also said her ministry was working with the Ministry of Education, via the National Social Council, to determine the cause of the punishment and measures that can be taken to prevent such an incident from occurring again.