Selangor retailers limit sale of cooking oil packs

cooking oil packsSHAH ALAM: Some retailers in Selangor have resorted to limiting the sale of one-kilogramme packets of cooking oil in order to control its supply in the market, especially with the Deepavali festival this Saturday.

According to Selangor Chief Enforcement Officer of the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK), Abdul Rosik Yakub, this was because consumers were panic-buying and exceeding their actual needs.

“We have conducted checks at all levels including retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

“However, from the checks, we found that there were no cases of selling cooking oil beyond the control price which has been fixed at RM2.50 for the one-kilogram packets,” he told Bernama.

Abdul Rosik was commenting on the re-structuring of the Cooking Oil Stabilisation Scheme (COSS) with the price of one-kilogramme cooking oil packets retained at RM2.50. However cooking oil in bottles will be sold at market price effective Nov 1.

Abdul Rosik said the department received complaints from some retailers who said they had run out of cooking oil packets because consumers had bought more than they needed when they believed the rumour that the price of cooking oil would be increased.

Meanwhile, in Kangar, Perlis KPDNKK advised the public not to panic and buy cooking oil in excess.

A Bernama observation found that since yesterday, consumers were buying excessive amounts of cooking oil in packets and bottles, resulting in the one-kilogramme packets of cooking oil running out of stock in most shops and major supermarkets here.

According to Perlis KPDNKK Chief Enforcement Officer, Jamal Nor Ahmad Harun the situation occurred because consumers were influenced by rumours that the price of packed cooking oil would increase by 40 sen.

“When consumers buy uncontrollably, the result will be a sudden reduced supply whereas traders are still placing orders with suppliers for the same quantity,” he told Bernama.

Jamal said this had caused traders to put up notices limiting the purchase of cooking oil to one packet per person.