Send in accountants, MP says to curb water pollution


PETALING JAYA: The slowing economy may lead to increased pollution as factories cut spending on proper waste disposal systems and dump garbage into rivers, which could lead to more water cuts, Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen claims.

The lawmaker is of the view that more and more companies will try to cut costs by dumping waste into rivers.

And that is why, he said in a Facebook post today, a thorough audit should be carried out on all factories.

“If enforcement officers are not effective then we have to bring in the accountants.

“We need all factories in Selangor to disclose their waste inventory. And we need to catch the culprits, severely punish them to end this cycle of water cuts,” Wong Chen said in addressing the current water crisis in Selangor.

He called for enforcement to track the historical records of each factory’s industrial waste output, counter-checking the figures with their disposal costs.

“If a factory is found to have slashed spending substantially on disposal of industrial waste in the last year, then we can assume that they are engaging in illegal dumping. A major discrepancy in the accounts should be a basis for a full investigation by enforcement officers,” Wong Chen said.

“The state should also set up a benchmark of waste output for each industry to red flag any unusual data volatility.”

He also called to beef up river security monitoring, saying that night-time road blocks were necessary to monitor all suspicious trucking activities.

“Irate residents will not listen to excuses or causes. Understandably, they just want water and they want this crisis not to repeat.

“As such Selangor must dramatically improve its emergency water delivery system. We need more water tanks and we need delivery to be on schedule and regular,” Wong Chen said.

The Selangor water crisis has been attributed to river pollution, something that Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Wan Junaidi has so far said is not an “act of deliberate political sabotage.”