Businesses lose thousands due to water woes

PETALING JAYA: Businesses in USJ have suffered losses amounting to thousands of ringgit as a result of the water disruptions which began Monday and lasted up till Thursday.

Although water services resumed today, restaurateurs are still reeling from the strain of having to operate over the past few days without a steady flow of water.

A car wash business meanwhile was forced to close shop until water supply resumed.

“There’s a small pipe in front of my restaurant where water trickled down, so I was a little luckier than others,” said restaurant owner Mohd Zamrin Omar, adding however that managing his restaurant during the water disruption period was tough all the same.

“Yes, there’s water coming out of that pipe, but I’m forced to haul container after container of water from that pipe into my restaurant.”

A Chinese restaurant manager, who only wanted to be known as Vicki, said she noticed how fewer people patronised her restaurant once the water disruption started.

“We lost a great deal of business and as you can see, there’s no one coming in at all.

“Before this you would always see people walking around looking for something to eat but now, even the street is almost dead,” she said.

Vicki said those operating restaurants like her were the hardest hit as water was a necessity in their business.

“If you don’t have water coming in you can’t do much and people dare not come out and eat because they’re particular about hygiene. So they move out of Subang to have lunch and we who operate our restaurants in Subang suffer.”

Meanwhile, a supervisor at a Shell station in USJ 9, Md Abdul Awal, said that the car wash there had to cease operations during the water crisis.

He estimated that over the past four days, the car wash likely lost close to RM4,000.

“About a hundred cars come in to get washed every day and we charge RM10 per car, which means we get about RM1,000 a day,” he said, adding that while the car wash was shut for business, the workers did not get paid either.

He also revealed that this wasn’t the first time the petrol station faced water disruptions.

“This month alone we faced three water disruptions and the car wash had to close twice.”

Abdul Awal said it was particularly frustrating this time around as many customers who came to get their cars washed before Deepavali, complained when they were told the car wash was not operating.

“It’s Deepavali, people want to go back to their kampungs in pretty cars.”

According to a statement issued by Air Selangor Group Head of Corporate Communications Amin Lin Abdullah, several areas in USJ, Subang Jaya, Bandar Puteri Puchong and Puchong have been facing water disruptions since October 24.

This was attributed to the 30-hour shutdown of the Semenyih water treatment plant due to odour pollution in the Buah River.

The affected areas are expected to have their water supply fully restored by tomorrow, which also happens to be Deepavali.