Sim: Gerakan rule drove Penang to the ground


KUALA LUMPUR: The Economic Planning Unit’s (EPU) data clearly shows that Penang’s median household income had ranked quite low in the last 10 years of Gerakan rule, DAP lawmaker Steven Sim said today.

He charged that Federal government figures show that Penang had to pick up from the bottom when the DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat state government took over in 2008.

Penang did better under Pakatan than with the Gerakan-Umno partnership, he pointed out, “despite various obstacles including the lack of federal support,” the Bukit Mertajam MP said in a statement today, citing latest data from the Federal government.

“The Federal government’s data showed that Gerakan drove Penang to the ground. As a result, everyone had to work hard to pick up again.

“Penang excelled solely due to the sheer grit of the people. They were finally allowed to thrive under a clean state government,” Sim said.

He added that the data in the EPU report demonstrates three important aspects on revenue collection and utilisation in Malaysia.

Firstly, that workers in Penang are earning better salaries than most states in Malaysia.

Secondly, Penang did well despite the lack of federal support; and finally, the Federal government is hoarding 98 per cent of resources, allocating only two per cent of the Federal Budget to be shared among 13 states in the country.

Sim was commenting on Gerakan Secretary-General and Simpang Renggam MP, Liang Teck Meng, accusing him of “political dishonesty and propaganda”.

Sim dismissed Liang’s accusations, telling the people to judge the matter using the numbers given by Putrajaya themselves.

Gerakan was the main party leading Penang under the Barisan Nasional before the federal opposition captured the state in 2008 and has ruled since.

“Liang has used outdated data to paint a false picture of the Penang Government under Pakatan Harapan (PH),” Sim said.