Burger row: Don’t push a joke too far, says mufti

Mohamad Shukri MohamadPETALING JAYA: The mufti of Kelantan has added his voice to a clamour by religious officials for action against the sale of the “P.Ramly” pork burger.

He said no one should advertise a product in such a way that a ‘haram’ product might appear to be ‘halal’.

“The public should not mock or belittle issues involving laws,” said Mohamad Shukri Mohamad in Kota Baru, according to the Sinar Harian daily. “Don’t make it as a joke. There is a limit to jokes, when you cross the line, it is going too far.”

The federal Islamic development corporation, Jakim, has claimed that irresponsible parties were making Muslim consumers confused by publicising issues concerning halal status.

In a Friday sermon, Jakim claimed that the “P.Ramly” burger issue had made the Muslim community anxious and confused.

The “P.Ramly” pork burger is sold by the Ninja Joe fast-food chain, which has shops in Petaling Jaya, Klang, Seremban and Singapore.

Muslim consumer activists and religious authorities have said that its poster advertising the burger was “confusing” Muslims. The poster states that the burger contains pork.

Jakim officials have inspected the shop claiming powers under the Trade Descriptions Act. An officer was quoted as saying that “the issue is just the use of a confusing name”.

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