Musa Aman must fulfill promises, says Junz Wong

Junz WongPETALING JAYA: Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman must set his empty promises to action before putting into action the Sabah Structure Plan 2033 announced this week, says former Sabah DAP secretary Junz Wong.

Wong, who is assemblyman for Likas, criticised Musa for not having come up with the refined guidelines promised in 2010 for speeding up approval of development plans.

“Where is the refined guidelines now, (given that) Musa announced this in 2010? Has the approval process of development plans sped up in the last couple of years?” Wong asked in a statement today.

Wong blamed Musa for the state’s “rojak towns, traffic jams and slow development approvals”.

“Be more respectful of the public’s intelligence. Don’t fool people again in what appears to be recycled speeches,” he said. “We want to see concrete, solid and transparent action plans for the planning department and authorities to actually resolve the current red tape and speed up approvals for developments, not empty promises.”

Musa launched the Sabah Structure Plan 2033 on Thursday, which he said was approved by the state Cabinet in June. The structure plan will form the basis of physical development of the state for the next 20 years.

He said the plan would “set the vision to turn Sabah into a state that has a world-class environment for living, working, studying, visiting and a conducive place for business investment which would create job opportunities”.

However, Wong questioned Musa’s performance after the earlier Sabah Structure Plan 2020 was approved by the Cabinet in April 2006.

“So who has Musa got to blame for rojak towns, traffic jams and slow development approvals besides himself and his advisers?” Wong said.