Relief at KTM Kampar with food, drinks and buses


PETALING JAYA: Train passengers stranded in Kampar by a cargo train derailment have begun to resume their journeys after a fleet of shuttle buses arrived to ferry them to Ipoh station.

Hordes of people were queuing up at Kampar station to take the shuttle and state executive councillor Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi said everything was going smoothly today compared to the situation last night, NST Online reported.

“Yesterday, hundreds of passengers were stranded at Kampar for about two to three hours due to the late arrival of shuttles.” She said the buses were late because of accidents on the main highways. “The shuttles couldn’t arrive as scheduled,” she said.

Nolee was at the station to distribute food and drinks to waiting ETS passengers.

“Today, I can see that everything is going smoothly, as the KTMB is able to provide additional shuttles thanks to less traffic congestion at the main expressways.

She said the state government and several government agencies have provided food and drinks to stranded passengers as no kiosks were open last night.

A cargo train derailed at Kota Bharu, Lahat, near Batu Gajah, at 3.15am on Friday, disrupting both tracks of the trunk line.

Thousands of passengers are expected to travel by the Electric Train Service to west coast towns on the peninsula for the Deepavali weekend.