Husni ‘could be for the chop’ after 1MDB speech


PETALING JAYA: Criticism of a former minister, Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, may be a sign of moves for his expulsion from Umno, a former divisional leader speculated today.

The speculative remark was made by Hamidah Osman, a coordinator in the new Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), who was formerly head of Gopeng Umno Wanita.

“I would not be surprised if he is sacked because we can see they are starting to criticise him after raising the question (of the 1MDB scandal). Other things may follow,” Sinar Harian quoted her as saying..

Husni, MP for Tambun, made critical remarks about 1MDB during the Budget debate in the Dewan Rakyat last week. He resigned from the Cabinet in June.

Hamidah, who was expelled from Umno last year, said she believed Umno would make an example of Husni in order to stem criticism from within Umno about the affairs of 1MDB.

“Because if they keep quiet, then (it’s an admission) that what Husni had questioned is correct, and then more will speak up about 1MDB,” Hamidah was reported to have said. “Looking at the situation today, I would say Umno has lost all reason. Anyone who goes against the grain would surely be victimised.”

Hamidah said the 1MDB scandal had opened the eyes of everyone and destroyed Umno’s credibility.