Qu Puteh queen suspends Kelantan football deal


KOTA BHARU: Cosmetics manufacturer Vida Beauty is suspending its sponsorship of the Kelantan football team, after a widely-publicised RM16 million deal was reached in January.

Kelantan Football Association president Annuar Musa announced yesterday that the company’s owner, Dr Hasmiza Othman “wants to temporarily suspend, and not cancel the sponsorship.”

Annuar said the sponsorship contract would still be valid if Vida Beauty wanted to resume its sponsorship of Kelantan in the 2018 season of the Malaysia League.

Annuar said the Kelantan FA would need to find “other means to cover several costs after this”, Bernama reported.

“Dr Vida” had been named an adviser to the Kelantan FA when the RM16 million deal was announced in January, with the Kelantan team appearing in pink t-shirts.

Under the deal, Kelantan’s Sultan Muhamad IV Stadium would be painted pink and Dr Vida said she had hopes it would become a landmark as famous as Manchester United’s stadium at Old Trafford, Anfield at Liverpool and the Nou Camp of Barcelona.

“Tourists will want to take pictures of the place,” said the cosmetics queen, who is known for her Qu Puteh line of products.