Kula lists grouses on electoral re-delineation inquiries


KUALA LUMPUR: Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran wants the Election Commission (EC) to stop the inquiries on the electoral re-delineations immediately as it should “not clash with current parliamentary proceedings”.

The re-delineation exercise has far reaching implications for the people, warned the MP.

“Voters should not be denied their lawyers being present,” said Kulasegaran. “They may be unsure about the procedure and process of objections.”

Also, he said, MPs are not being allowed to participate in the inquiries or guide their constituents.

Kulasegaran feels the EC should take several factors into consideration.

  • Parliamentarians, civil society leaders and lawyers should be involved in the exercise to ensure the principle of one man one vote was observed;
  • The inquiry should be telecast live to show it was being done in a fair and transparent manner; and
  • There should not be any limitations in addressing the cause and effect and systemic issues related to the delimitation exercise.

“The EC should represent the interest of the public,” said Kulasegaran, commenting on issues relating to Ipoh Barat.

He alleged the notification letter on a public inquiry in Ipoh Barat was received late, the process of inquiry was secretive, legal discourse was being prevented and there were limitations on voicing objections.

The late notification has prevented him seeking remedies in court.

“Any explanation or briefing during the inquiry could be on inter-related issues like gerrymandering that benefits a certain party,” said Kulasegaran.

He went to complain that voters at the inquiry, besides not being allowed to have lawyers present, were not allowed to bring along their mobile phones or use a camera.