Selangor’s 2017 Budget has no ‘belt tightening’ measures, says MB

azminSHAH ALAM: Selangor’s 2017 Budget which was unveiled today is not meant to tighten the belt, said Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“We will spend, but in doing so, we emphasise development. If we don’t emphasise development, the country and the people will have no future,” he said when tabling the budget at the state assembly today.

He said the state government estimates an expenditure of around RM3.45 billion for 2017 to implement its plans and agenda.

“From that amount, RM1.65 billion will be allocated for management purposes and RM1.8 billion for development,” he said.

Azmin who is also Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman said the Budget this time suffered a RM900 million deficit as a result of a substantial increase in development expenditure to fulfill the need for sustainable and quality development for the people.

“Under operating expenditure, RM427.9 million will be for emolument and RM543.16 million will be allocated for services and supplies. RM18.34 million will be allocated for acquiring assets.

“A total of RM608.11 million will be set aside for the increase of fixed payments, while RM52.49 million will be for other expenses,” he said.

Azmin added RM20.3 million will be allocated for civil servants’ annual pay rise following a rationalising in the civil service scheme.

The free water scheme will continue with an allocation of RM183.2 million.

Apart from that, RM209 million will be allocated for the development of the health sector and rural areas.

Azmin said the allocation would cover the implementation of a programme focusing on the development of healthcare in rural areas.

The state government would also continue the exemption of assessment tax and business licence fees programmes for the same target group.

He said the people were still being burdened by the goods and services tax (GST) and Putrajaya’s Budget 2017 which called for the “tightening of belts”.

“The state government urges all local authorities to take early action to ensure the exemption is carried out immediately beginning Jan 1, 2017,” he said.