Zaid urges Hindraf brothers to form political party

Zaid-IbrahimKUALA LUMPUR: Former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim has urged the Hindraf brothers, Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar, to patch up and start a political party. “There’s no one better than Hindraf to help dismantle the privileges of the rich and corrupt,” he stressed.

He recalled 2007 when Hindraf took to the streets on November 25 and shook the establishment. “They were resolute, unafraid, but it was all in vain.”

Hindraf can shake the establishment again and, this time, with success, he said in his latest blog posting. “Its leaders will not be able to represent the Indian poor unless they get elected.”

He cautioned the brothers against thinking they can get seats in the next election just by making announcements offering unconditional support for the Opposition.

Zaid believes that Uthaya will never disappear into the sunset.

“No matter how hard his political opponents try, they will not be able to disable him,” he said. “Uthaya is a man of steel and a believer in his struggles.”

“He will succeed, one day.”

Zaid, in qualifying his statement, conceded that he had not met Uthaya.

However, he added, he can feel his sincerity and commitment to fight for the poor and downtrodden.

“He has paid a heavy price for his struggle,” said Zaid. “I am sure he’s still as committed as ever.”

Zaid disclosed that he has met Waytha, a lawyer like Uthaya, a couple of times socially. “He too is a committed leader of Hindraf,” he said. “I hope his relationship with his brother has improved over the years.”

Waytha was mistaken when he believed that Najib would take care of the Indian community, added Zaid. “Najib would do enough for MIC, maybe.”

“He would not care for the poor whether they were Indian or whatever race.”

The former de facto Law Minister acknowledged Waytha redeemed himself by resigning the post of Deputy Minister.

Reiterating his call.the brothers patch up and start a political party, Zaid reminded how Umno divided Hindraf.

“Uthaya was sent to jail,” he recalled.” Waytha was made a Deputy Minister.”

Other Hindraf leaders were willing to abandon their struggle and meekly became apologists for Najib, lamented Zaid.

Ideally, continued Zaid, the Indian leaders in PKR and DAP should extend a hand of friendship to Hindraf.

“They should plan a workable arrangement,” he said. “This will optimise the chances of the Opposition to unseat the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government.”

Zaid believes that Hindraf cannot be more extreme than Umno and the Red Shirts.

“Hindraf is committed in its belief that the Indian community needs urgent help,” he said. “It’s not extreme to believe in something that’s good for the country.”