Four Myanmars killed due to communal violence


PETALING JAYA: Police suspect religious conflict among ethnic Myanmars resulted in the deaths of four individuals in Kelantan last week.

Confirming the nationality of four bodies found in an undergrowth in Bachok on Sunday, Kelantan police chief Ab Rahman Ismail said two of the victims were workers who had been abducted by a group of masked men from a construction site on Oct 25.

Ab Rahman said their deaths were most likely due to being victims of communal violence between different ethnic groups in their country, TheSun reported today.

Ab Rahman said the victims, in their 20’s and 30’s, were stabbed to death elsewhere before their bodies were dumped next to a paddy field at Kampung Tanjung Hilir, accordig to TheSun.

According to police, the killings are a spillover of the religious conflict in Myanmar where attacks and killings of people from Muslim ethnic groups are rampant by those from the Buddhist-majority population.

There have been similar spillover killings among migrant Myanmar workers reported in Penang and the Klang Valley in 2014, resulting in the deaths of about 25 men.

Following the 2014 attacks, police rounded up thousands of Myanmars and recorded their identities, warning them of stern action if they were involved in any attack on their fellow countryman.