Kamil’s good work must continue, say local film players

PETALING JAYA: Several players in the Malaysian film industry have spoken in support of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) Director-General Kamil Othman, following news that his term is coming to an end soon.

Several directors and producers commented on the issue of a petition that went online on Sunday, urging Finas to renew Kamil’s tenure as director-general, two years after his appointment in November 2014.

“Kamil has done a good job for the development of the film industry in Malaysia, so his office should be extended for one more term,” said Sivanantham Perianan, the executive producer of Jagat, which won the Best Malaysian Film award at the recent 28th Malaysian Film Festival.

“Kamil is a very knowledgeable person in terms of cinema and creative matters,” he added.

Local producer Yap Meow Chook agreed, saying that he found Kamil to be a “real movie buff”.

“I’m very much for him (Kamil) to stay on as DG. He is suitable for the industry.

“He’s very informed, knows his stuff, and has this vision which is good for the industry,” said Yap, who works with production company New Pro Star Sdn Bhd.

“I met him when he first became the DG. I wouldn’t say that we’re very close, but I have found him to be a real movie buff. You talk to him about anything about film, and he’s on it,” Yap added.

Sivanantham also highlighted Kamil’s professionalism, saying he was a better choice than people from government positions who do not really know the film industry.

“They don’t have experience. Kamil is experienced and passionate about movies and creative content. He knows stuff about the industry, and not just on paper alone.

“Sometimes people need more time, they can’t do much in two years. Personally, I would like to see him given another term,” Sivanantham said.

Writer, actress, and acting coach Fatimah Abu Bakar, well-known for her roles in several Malaysian movies over the past few decades, as well as being the parent to actress Sharifah Amani of “Sepet” fame, said that Kamil needs time to see the fruits of his efforts.

“Any good idea takes time to germinate and mature. So please allow Kamil Othman time to see the fruits of his efforts,” Fatimah said.

She also noted that Kamil and Finas’ projects had the support of many young people.

“I cannot recall a time in the local film industry hearing so many young people getting so excited about Finas’ projects and their implementation before this. They speak well of him, his team and their work.

“Under his leadership many are hopeful again. At least give him a fair chance to succeed,” Fatimah said.

She added that the young filmmakers from Malaysian filmmaking platform Next New Wave (NNW) and Asean filmmaking platform FLY also spoke highly of him.