Noor Azimah: Remove misbehaving teachers, don’t just transfer them

azimahPETALING JAYA: Harsh punishments should be meted out on teachers who break their oath of conduct to deter further misconduct, Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) chairman Noor Azimah Rahim says.

Noor Azimah was commenting on the recently reported case in Sarawak where a 33-year-old secondary school teacher and a 36-year-old male accomplice were nabbed by police with 27.7 grammes of Syabu worth RM4,000.

Sarawak opposition chief Baru Bian had yesterday called for police to investigate if the teacher had sold drugs to his students.

This, along with the case in May where a teacher allegedly molested nine pupils in a Tamil School in Hulu Selangor, falls under the worrying blanket of misconduct – which Noor Azimah argued could only be prevented and preempted by complete punishments and opening channels for witnesses to speak out.

“The teacher (who sold the drugs) should not be merely transferred, he or she should be removed (from the profession),” Noor Azimah told FMT, agreeing that such measures would go some way to deterring future cases.

“These teachers took an oath (of conduct). They should hold themselves responsible to a standard.

“At the same time, there should be channels for people to speak out.”

Noor Azimah, however, cautioned that these cases were mostly isolated ones, and that parents should not be unduly worried.