Reflect before accusing others of racism, Gerakan tells LGE

PETALING JAYA: Lim Guan Eng’s argument equating Barisan Nasional and Umno’s racial strategies to those employed by American president-elect Donald Trump is illogical and ignores his own party’s problems, says Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang.

This follows a comment by the DAP secretary-general at the Pakatan Harapan inaugural convention today that drew a parallel between Umno’s strategies and those employed by Trump in his victorious campaign for the US presidency.

Lim had predicted that BN and Umno would employ the politics of identity, to instigate the people through racial and religious issues because the ruling coalition had failed to manage the economy.

Tan criticised this statement, urging Lim to reflect on the “perception game” that he was playing with the DAP.

“We have to look back at DAP themselves, how many leaders are there in DAP that are Malay? It is a predominantly Chinese party that is trying to say that other parties are racial in nature.

“I think it is ironic that he tries to pinpoint this issue,” Tan told FMT.

Tan argued that previous party elections showed a low number of Malays winning. He also pointed to the controversy earlier this year surrounding Lim’s choice of Chow Kon Yeow as his successor instead of his two deputies.

“Even in Penang, how come the two deputy chief ministers have not been named as his potential successor in the event that he is jailed? You have Ramasamy, and Mohd Rashid.

“Why does he need to name a Chinese exco member instead of his two deputies?” Tan asked.

In arguing that racism was not an issue for BN, Tan said that “everything has been provided for everyone”.

“For example, the Budget sees everyone getting provisions. If the government is racist in nature, why has the BR1M been given to everyone without requiring racial qualifications?

“On the other hand, DAP themselves have two deputy chief ministers and he can’t even name one of them, choosing instead another Chinese exco member (as his successor). I can’t see the logic there,” Tan said.

“We are being fair to all. DAP calls others racist but does not show a good example. They can’t answer fundamental issues, but they want to equate our government to Trump’s.”