Tunku Aziz says US activists only want regime change

tunku azizPETALING JAYA: The recent revelations that several Malaysian organisations have received funds from US billionaire George Soros point to American interests in bringing about a Malaysian change of regime, says former politician Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim.

Speaking at a press conference here today, Tunku  Aziz said the agendas of several American organisations “especially (that of) the Soros foundation, the Open Society Foundations, National Democracy Institute, and others…they are linked to what the US government’s external policies are all about.”

Tunku Abdul Aziz pointed to American intervention in countries such as Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Syria as clearly indicating the intentions to “bring about regime change”.

“They don’t care whether the government is constitutionally elected or not. They want to bring about regime change and they go on the basis of allegations made by the citizens of those countries. In our case in Malaysia, you have Bersih as an example, you have Malaysiakini,” he said.

Leaked documents from the Open Society Foundations published online recently have mentioned grants being awarded to Malaysiakini, the Bersih electoral reform group, and the Bar Council.

At the press conference, from which a journalist from Malaysiakini was barred, Tunku  Aziz lambasted activists who went to the United States to complain about a lack of democracy in Malaysia.

“People such as Maria Chin, Ambiga (Sreenevasan) and others. And there are also other NGOs. This is why I think it is important for the NGOs to be more closely scrutinised to ensure that they are not a danger to Malaysia,” he said.

He also questioned the legal status of some NGOs, saying many NGOs were allowed to operate even though they were not registered with the Registrar of Societies, and despite having become subversive in nature.

He said Bersih 2.0 had initially begun as an organisation to promote and fight for free and fair elections. “Who would oppose that (free and fair elections)? I fought for it myself,” said Tunku  Aziz, a former president of Transparency International Malaysia, and a former national vice-chairman of the DAP.

“But over time, they have been hijacked and today they have come out openly. They have money from outside. They say they have taken RM70,000. The mere fact that they take money from outside in itself is an indication that they have been bought,” he said.

Tunku  Aziz said that during his tenure as TI-M president he had refused foreign funding because of the attached implications.

He said the recent US elections had shown that activists championing democracy had nothing to offer Malaysia. “Look what happened after the US elections. They just cannot accept the results that made (Donald) Trump the next president. They are on the streets like Bersih here. No difference. So this shows that the so-called matured democracy they want to promote all over the world is immature. They have nothing, absolutely nothing to teach us,” he said.