Why fear Trump, says PAS spiritual adviser

IslamPETALING JAYA: Hashim Jasin, PAS spiritual adviser, has reminded Muslims of the strength of the community and says those fearful of Donald Trump coming to power as US president are those who are religiously ignorant.

Speaking at a PAS rally here today, he said: “Everyone is making noise about Trump’s win in the US. The Muslims are pale-faced following all sorts of reviews made about the possible outcomes of Trump’s presidency. But we forget that our strengths are a hundred times more than that of the Unites States. So why are we so afraid of Trump?”

Trump’s white supremacist views during the election campaign has sparked fears of repercussions among Muslims when he said he would seek to ban the entry of Muslims into the US.

“Why are we worried that the Muslims will be persecuted? It’s because we have abandoned the Al-Quran,” he said.

He said political leaders, regardless of their party, should take the responsibility of assuring the public that all was well despite Trump’s controversial views on foreign policies, and prejudice against coloured people.

“It is dangerous to be more afraid of human powers than that of God’s. We must follow the Al-Quran. But when we push Islam aside and ignore what God had said, then this is what happens (chaos),” he said.