Amanah youth echoes Rafizi’s call to declare assets

Shazni-Munir-Mohd-Ithnin_adam-rosly_rumah_600PETALING JAYA: Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) youth wing has echoed the call made by PKR lawmaker Rafizi Ramli for opposition members to declare their assets.

This came following Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Md Yunos’ helicopter tour around Ampang PKR division youth chief Adam Rosly’s “luxury mansion” yesterday.

Jamal had asked the 28-year-old to explain how the latter had gained his extraordinary wealth at such a young age.

“Jamal and the Red Shirts’ act of gangsterism is annoying.

“Rejecting them is not merely a choice, but is a necessity for those who despise stupidity in politics,” said Amanah Youth vice-chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin in a statement today.

“However, Jamal’s expose on the extraordinary wealth of a young opposition leader, and the reply given, should be taken seriously by all parties,” he added, without naming Adam.

Adam, in response to Jamal’s allegation, claimed he had to bid for the property in Jalan Pinang, Ampang, which was worth RM1 million and not RM7 million as claimed by Jamal.

He also said it was not unusual to have wealth or have a “Datuk” title in this day and age.

However, to show the commitment Pakatan Harapan youth has towards the reform agenda and to avoid the political platform being abused to obtain wealth, Shazni urged all of them to declare their wealth.

“Combating corruption and the abuse of political power are part of our main struggle, and the opposition must be consistent.

“In fact, we have to be more strict (over these issues) as they go against the principle of integrity and the cry for ‘reformasi’.

“The public is beginning to question Pakatan’s political will and the country’s political culture.”

In Parliament earlier today, Rafizi had urged Adam to declare his assets as soon as possible to avoid “wasting everybody’s time”.

He also said this issue had diverted the public’s attention from the real issues, such as the controversies surrounding state-owned 1MDB.

PKR deputy youth chief Afif Bahardin, on the hand, said Adam did not need to go to the extent of declaring his assets as the latter is not a government official.