Adam: I worked hard to buy a Proton Perdana at 19


KUALA LUMPUR: PKR Ampang Youth leader Adam Rosly, whose alleged wealth was questioned by Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos earlier this week, says he owned a Proton Perdana at the age of 19.

Adam explained to reporters in a press conference today that he had a turbulent upbringing as a child, and being independent, had begun carrying out some business at a young age.

“I have always been business-minded. During my schooling days, I sold nasi lemak, mangoes and drinks. Later on in life, I had the opportunity to start a small business.

“As a result, I was able to drive a Perdana when I was only 19,” he said in PKR Ampang’s office.

Adam said he had owned several luxury cars before joining PKR, adding that this included a BMW and Volvo.

Earlier this week, Jamal took reporters on a helicopter ride above Adam’s bungalow in Ampang that’s allegedly worth RM7 million. He then questioned the source of Adam’s extraordinary wealth at the age of 28.

Adam countered Jamal’s skepticism over his wealth, by suggesting that he could give the Red Shirts movement leader some advice on running a business.

“If Jamal doubts my wealth, ask him to see me. I can teach him about business so that he wouldn’t fail again like his ‘ikan bakar’ business.”

However, when reporters asked about his second home in Putrajaya based on a picture uploaded in Instagram, Adam merely said that it must be proven so.

“The picture doesn’t imply that it is my house. It must be proven.”

When reporters pressed him to answer either a “yes” or “no”, he said “it’s up to the media to judge”.

“The claim must be backed by evidence. The people must realise that they have spread slander without taking into account its authencity.”

On Wednesday, a report from The Star claimed that Adam owned a double-storey bungalow in Putrajaya, a Mercedes-Benz CLA250, Mercedes-Benz CLS, BMW Z4, Mini Cooper, Range Rover Evoque and a KTM 200 Duke high-performance motorcycle, based on his pictures on Instagram.

When asked about his ownership of luxury vehicles, Adam said that it isn’t an offence to own these vehicles.

“You are questioning me as though I’m a prime minister,” Adam replied.

He said that if it is proven that his wealth was accumulated through his involvement in politics, he will resign from his position as PKR Ampang Youth chief in 24 hours.

At the same time, Adam also explained that his Datukship from Pahang was awarded due to “contributions to several projects” in the state.