Mei Fun chews out Tajuddin over ‘Kok up’


PETALING JAYA: Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Chew Mei Fun has told Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman to show more respect to Malaysian Chinese and women.

This came after the Pasir Salak MP insulted Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in the Dewan Rakyat earlier today by saying that she was the only woman in her constituency with a “Kok”.

The MCA vice-president issued a statement today slamming Tajuddin over the insult, saying that it was unseemly of a deputy minister to come up with such “childish word-play”.

“While we sit on opposite fences and are aware that Teresa Kok’s comments are frequently intended to find fault with MCA, our party does not tolerate any form of vulgarities by male MPs, what more a deputy minister, against the name of any Malaysian Chinese, more so when alluding to male genitalia.”

She reminded him that MPs were in the Dewan Rakyat to debate federal policies and national issues impacting the economic status and social wellbeing of the people, and not to abuse one’s immunity and “sink to bottomless pit levels” by hurling insults at the Seputeh MP’s family name.

“Tajuddin’s boorish behaviour is a self-reflection of his warped mental thoughts and imagery.

“Such behaviour is least expected of a deputy minister.”

She demanded that Tajuddin apologise to all Malaysian Chinese and women for his insult.

“If Tajuddin is a man with an iota of class and education, he will treat Malaysian Chinese with respect and will not display awful manners to women.

“Then again, perhaps his outburst is his own acknowledgement that any Malaysian Chinese with the surname ‘Kok’ is more ‘man’ than him.”