Stop fooling the public, Puteri Umno delegate tells govt


KUALA LUMPUR: A Puteri Umno delegate has delivered a harsh message to the government, asking the leaders to stop sugarcoating the truth about the country’s economy.

Norsarfinaz Mohd Azman, a delegate from Pahang Puteri Umno, said the government should also stop underestimating the intelligence of youths today.

“Don’t tell us the economy is fine when we can see our friends losing their jobs and the prices of household items go up.

“We have a high level of intellect,” she said when debating the motion on religion at the Puteri Umno assembly in Putra World Trade Center here today.

Present to hear her speech was Umno acting deputy president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Norsarfinaz, who is also Jerantut Puteri division chief, told Zahid to listen to her plea for the government to stop shielding the public from the truth and instead bring awareness to them so they may act accordingly.

She also asked for the public to be given a chance to help solve the problem.

“We know Malaysia is not the only country facing financial difficulties. It’s a problem that is affecting the whole world.

“So be frank with us and let us work with the government to address this issue.”

Norsarfinaz then said, in a sarcastic tone, that while the government can advise the public to save costs by travelling within the country instead of overseas, it should at least ensure these destinations are appealing enough.

“For example, if we want to go for vacation, maybe we could go to Pahang. After all, next year is Visit Pahang Year.

“But if we were to go there, make sure the forests are not cleared.

“Ensure the bauxite problem is settled so that it wouldn’t be as thick as our foundation (a make-up item used to cover facial flaws).

“And the rivers shouldn’t look like ‘teh tarik’.”

PKR MP Rafizi Ramli had yesterday alleged that deforestation activities had been going on all around Pahang. He warned the government to immediately address the issue or he would leak the information “one area at a time”.