Dr M, allies the real political opportunists, says Ti


PETALING JAYA: MCA’s Ti Lian Ker has fired back at Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest blog post, pointing out that the former prime minister and his newfound opposition allies were the real political opportunists.

“Mahathir should be the last person to talk about principles.

“In fact, he and his opposition friends are all political opportunists who are ganging up for their political agenda and personal vendettas.”

He was referring to Mahathir and former Umno members, including Muhyiddin Yassin, joining forces with those they once regarded as political foes to oust the prime minister.

Mahathir had claimed that MCA leaders were opportunists and dismissed the Chinese-based party as merely “an appendage of (prime minister) Najib Razak’s racist Umno”.

Ti, who is also MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman, said MCA had become the target of attacks by the opposition because the party did not take cheap shots at its opponents.

“MCA doesn’t resort to attacks below the belt. We always have respect and decorum,” he told FMT.

“We will not stoop to their (opposition) level of mudslinging and hurling unfounded slander at other parties. We will never do that.

“We have always been dignified and will continue to maintain our decorum to both our friends and foes.”

Ti pointed out that during Mahathir’s tenure as prime minister, MCA had pledged its support to him when the DAP had hurled at him all manner of unfounded allegations.

“We stood by Mahathir. We did not jump the gun, we followed the rule of law.”

He dismissed Mahathir’s latest attacks as acts of desperation as the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) chairman had completely lost the respect of Umno.

“So, he is now resorting to DAP and has to kow tow to Anwar Ibrahim.

“He (Mahathir) is saying nothing new. He is basically re-angling his old statements. It is a repetition of what he has said before, but now he links it to MCA.”

Ti said MCA had fought for its principles and core struggle since its inception, unlike DAP which had chosen to go down a hypocritical path in its cooperation with Mahathir.

“(Unlike DAP) MCA did not make 22 years of continuous allegations against Mahathir while repeatedly saying that Malaysia will become a failed state.