Junz Wong: Tanjung Aru beach and park can be saved


KOTA KINABALU: Based on feedback and comments received mainly from social media, many think they risk losing the historical Tanjung Aru beach, said Likas assemblyman Junz Wong in a statement.

“But we can still save the beach and park if the public wants to.”

He said the people cannot allow the government to think that it can do what it likes.

“The consultation process is law,” said Wong. “The local authorities are obliged to hear all objections from the public.”

Taking part in public consultation on the proposed billion ringgit project in the vicinity is the key to saving the beach, he added.

“The public should take part in due process — the public consultation exercise — and make their opinions and objections count,” said the lawmaker, who is also a vice-president of Parti Warisan Sabah.

“Nothing is lost until you have given up.”

The proposed development was merely a proposal, he emphasised. “It requires a process under the Town and Planning Ordinance Sabah Cap 141.”

Wong pointed out it was public land that they were talking about and not some parcel of land under title.

“It will depend on how willing the public is to protect their beach,” said Wong. “It’s for the good of future generations.”