‘Pointless to drag British Queen into MA63 matter’


KUCHING: Insiders at Sarawak4Sarawakians (S4S) have disclosed that the NGO has reservations on reviving an unsuccessful memorandum sent to Queen Elizabeth II in February on the plight of the Borneo states in Malaysia.

“It’s true the Queen returned the memorandum unopened,” said an insider who acted as spokesman, requesting anonymity.

“In fact, it was the UK-based Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (Bopim Foundation) that first had contacts with the palace.

“The palace is aware of who’s who in Borneo.”

The insiders were commenting on S4S activist Fong Pau Teck disclosing that he will be making another attempt to send the memorandum to the UK government.

S4S chairman Peter John Jaban declined comment.

If they continue to ignore us, said Fong in a statement to FMT, his group “plans to take legal action against them (UK government)”.

Briefly, the memorandum asks the British Queen to ensure that Putrajaya abides by the MA63.

The insiders feel it is pointless dragging the British Queen into Putrajaya’s alleged non-compliance on MA63.

“The so-called Queen’s obligation on the Malaysia concept is a myth,” said the spokesman.

Again, the insiders recalled that Bopim Foundation did write to the Queen twice. She ruled out her government getting involved if there had been non-compliance on MA63.

“The Bopim Foundation cited a public inquiry held by the UK government on Hong Kong to hold a similar inquiry on Borneo,” said the spokesman. “The foreign secretary refused to accept the parallels with Hong Kong.”

After London had turned down the Bopim Foundation, said the insiders, it served no purpose to send any memorandom on MA63 to the UK government.

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